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Implementing kanban method


Note: Use Commercial Support instead



OLD: BountySource

  • Benefit of using bounties is that when many backers particiapate and bounty rises to over $300, usually then there appears some interested developer that starts to implement it. This has happened many times. There are many developers and companies that are already implementing features for Wekan, as can be seen fromĀ Roadmap.
  • Any developer in the world can start working for a bounty and start working on it.
  • Backer registers to bountysource using some login method. GitHub login does not work, so you could try other methods, or forgot your password option.
  • Backer copies GitHub issue URL to bountysource.com search field and setup bounty amount.
  • If you are developer, register there as bounty hunter and start start working for a bounty.
  • When feature is ready, bounty hunter (developer) adds it as clean pull request to Wekan GitHub repo devel branch, adding comment to @xet7 to pull request that feature is ready for testing.
  • Bounty hunter adds required changes to pull request, as can be seen inĀ this excellent example.
  • xet7 merges pull request and closes issue
  • Bounty hunter claims bounty at Bountysource
  • Backer gets notification from Bountysource and accepts feature or bugfix that has been included in Wekan.

No Patreon, because Patreon works like donations. Receiving donations is not allowed by law in Finland, it would require a lot of paperwork. There is no need to add patreon. BountySource is working way for many to participate to funding same feature.