Wekan Team

Implementing kanban method

Commercial Support

Worldwide: Wekan Team

Commercial Support options, hourly price of 50 euro/h:

  • Email support for installing, configuring and using Wekan, to email address [email protected]
  • Remote install of Wekan to your server (Windows/Mac/Linux), if you can provide some access to server, like ssh / TeamViewer / AnyDesk
  • Feature and Fix development

Payment options

1) Pre-payment: Fastest to send with smallest fees

Send with https://transferwise.com to [email protected]

2) Pre-payment: Official invoice PDF with IBAN Bank number

Required info to send to Email [email protected] so that invoice PDF can be made:

  1. GitHub issue numbers of what payment is for
  2. Company name
  3. Company VAT number
  4. Company full address: Street Name, Street Number, Zip Code, City, Country
  5. First name and Last name of person who pays
  6. Email address where to send official PDF invoice. Invoice will come from [email protected] invoicing company email address.

3) Pre-payment: PayPal, slowest transfer with highest fees

Wekan Features/Fixes/Support/Hosting
Wekan GitHub issue number(s):
Additional Details:

Name: Lauri Ojansivu, Maintainer of Wekan since 2016-12. I have implemented many features and bugfixes to Wekan during these years, and written most of the documentation. As Maintainer, I check and fix (if needed) all pull requests and make new Wekan releases for all Wekan supported platforms nearly every day. I do reply to Wekan Feature Requests and Bugs . I currently have many Wekan customers mostly at EU and America.

GitHub: https://github.com/xet7

Authorized Wekan Team Partners

India and Asia

Name: Saurabh Kashyap
GitHub : https://github.com/saurabharch
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-9110-983-897